The Tiger's Rage:
The Stiger Chronicles Book 8

Brave champions. Swords and sorcery.
Breathtaking twists and turns…

In a world besieged by relentless foes, the empire stands on the brink of defeat, encircled in a grip of war.

Amidst the chaos and danger rises Stiger, a hero burdened with a tarnished legacy yet destined for epic greatness. With the aid of allies, the gnomes, the elves, and the Vass, Stiger has shattered the tribal armies of the Barrens and saved the garrison at Nabernacum.

But his trials and tests have only just begun. Haunted by a past filled with loss and dark memories, Stiger faces his greatest challenge yet: the defeat of the malevolent wizard Amaranth. Amaranth's insidious plan involves not only kidnapping Stiger's allies but also claiming his dread sword, Rarokan, and seizing Stiger's soul.

To confront this foe, Stiger must venture to a place he vowed never to return, Wackita, the volcano and a cursed land populated by gnomes and dark secrets. Accompanied by a fearsome dragon, a Knight of the Vass, elven rangers, a devotee to a dark god, and his dog, Stiger embarks on a perilous journey. What waits is a maelstrom of danger, revelation, and adventure, unlocking extraordinary powers Stiger could never imagine possible and beginning the fulfillment of a prophecy.