Marc works very hard on his writing. He aims to create high quality books to be not only enjoyed but devoured by the reader.
Late into the night he writes with a drink at his side, usually a whiskey, gin, or beer. It helps fuel the creativity.
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The Tiger's Rage:
The Stiger Chronicles Book 8

Brave champions. Swords and sorcery.
Breathtaking twists and turns…

In a world besieged by relentless foes, the empire stands on the brink of defeat, encircled in a grip of war. Amidst the chaos and danger rises Stiger, a hero burdened with a tarnished legacy yet destined for epic greatness. With the aid of allies, the gnomes, the elves, and the Vass, Stiger has shattered the tribal armies of the Barrens and saved the garrison at Nabernacum.

But his trials and tests have only just begun. Haunted by a past filled with loss and dark memories, Stiger faces his greatest challenge yet: the defeat of the malevolent wizard Amaranth. Amaranth’s insidious plan involves not only kidnapping Stiger’s allies, but claiming his dread sword, Rarokan, and seizing Stiger’s soul.

To confront this foe, Stiger must venture to a place to which he vowed never to return, Wackita, the volcano and a cursed land populated by gnomes and dark secrets. Accompanied by a fearsome dragon, a Knight of the Vass, elven rangers, a devotee to a dark god, and his dog, Stiger embarks on a perilous journey. What waits is a maelstrom of danger, revelation, and adventure, unlocking extraordinary powers Stiger could never imagine possible and beginning the fulfillment of a prophecy.


Off Midway Station:
Guardians of the Dark Book 1

Humanity is on the brink of annihilation. Only one man can turn the tide.

For centuries, we explored the stars and settled new worlds. But a mysterious alien threat emerged, launching devastating attacks and seizing entire star systems. Every fifty years they come, silent and relentless, before disappearing again into the dark. And as they close in on humanity’s home worlds, one more defeat could mean total extinction.

Captain Jim Garrett joined the navy to fight back. But when a delicate mission ends in madness and mutiny, Garrett takes the blame and his career is left in ruins.

Now, the only thing he commands is a construction site. The CNS Surprise is an experimental warship, half built in the dockyards of Midway Station. Garrett knows the ship inside out, but the navy brass would never let him take the helm, let alone lead her in battle.

Legacy's Edge:
The Claimed Realm Book 1

Marc-Alan-Edelheit Legacys-Edge

A leader. A secret. A return home to a land in crisis. The beginning of an epic destiny....

When Alaric returns home from a failed crusade, he finds a home changed beyond recognition. It's a land drowning in chaos and overrun with lawlessness.

He is a battle-hardened general who has faced countless foes and navigated the intricate political alliances of the Cardinal King’s Court in the Holy Land. But now he confronts his greatest challenge yet — reclaiming his homeland of Dekar.

Grappling with loyalty, duty, and the burden of leadership, Alaric must face the grim realities of war and the weight of a destiny he does not want as he unravels the mysteries of what ruined Dekar. Otherwise, he might lose his home forever...

Marc Alan Edelheit invites readers to immerse themselves in a new Epic Military Fantasy saga that is as emotionally compelling as it is action-packed. Enter a meticulously crafted world featuring progression fantasy and kingdom-building elements, where the stakes are high and the battles are so visceral you can almost smell the blood.