February 1, 2023

The highly anticipated sequel to the Born of Ash series is finally here.

The war is over. The First Galactic Empire has collapsed into ruin and ash. Or has it?

Keira, having been hunted and almost killed by the Unified Planetary Government’s regulators, for reasons she does not fully understand, finds herself rescued by Marines and stranded on the Imperial Starship Seringapatam.

Dispatched on a secret mission of the utmost importance, the Seri is a ship that has remained hidden since the last days of the war. More confusing, Keira has developed a strange power she cannot seem to control, let alone understand, the ability to interact with the machine in ways that are unexplainable.


By Bow, Daggers, & Sword: Part Two
A Ranger's Tale Part 2


A dangerous mission. A war of the Gods.
An epic destiny.

This second book in A Ranger’s Tale brings the conflict, adventure, and wildness to new heights.

With Rivun and Jit’s help, Eli and Mae helped Karenna free her people from the cruel overlord Edgun. Unfortunately, Mik’Las, the criminal whom they were hunting, has managed to escape in the ensuing chaos.

Worse, his trail has gone cold.

Hoping to come across a clue that will put them on the right path, they continue the hunt.

Then, unexpectedly, they are visited by a powerful and mysterious elven wizard, one with an unknown agenda. This wizard directs Eli and Mae to investigate a mystery, something potentially more horrifying than anything they’ve ever faced. If unchecked, it has the potential to plunge their world into terrible darkness.

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