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The Tiger’s Fight:
The Stiger Chronicles Book 7

Sitigers Tigers - The-Tiger's-Fight

Ben Stiger, legate of the lost Thirteenth Legion, a nobleman from an infamous family, and born fighter, has defeated the enemy army before Lorium and raised the siege of the city. Having been named emperor, Stiger has traveled to Mal’Zeel and claimed his throne by force, spilling blood in the process and removing those who would steal his right to the Curule Chair.

Stiger is now unquestionably the emperor, the last man standing. Or is he?

Hundreds of miles away, the Cyphan Confederacy’s armies are marching along the coast, moving inexorably toward the capital, leaving a swath of destruction in their wake. Stiger’s army marching up from the south is still weeks away. The newly formed imperial army under the command of General Mechlehnus has marched to strike at the enemy. Mechlehnus has yet to acknowledge Stiger as emperor and may even seek the throne for himself. But that is the least of Stiger’s problems.

Rapax Pax:
The Karus Saga Book 4
Marc Alan Edelheit MAE Novels Historically Accurate Fantasy at its Best


Best-selling, award-winning author of Stiger’s Tigers Marc Alan Edelheit delivers the fourth action-packed book in his fantasy epic The Karus Saga. One of history’s greatest mysteries, the disappearance of ancient Rome’s Ninth Imperial Legion, is now revealed in this untold story.

Having been transported to the world of Tannis, separated from everything they know, the Ninth find themselves caught amidst an ancient war of the gods. Like a dark tide, the Horde is slowly conquering one nation after another, and a great migration of peoples has begun fleeing westward before the enemy’s advancing armies. No one has been able to stand against the might of the Horde. But the Horde has never faced the power of a Roman legion.

Cast adrift in this strange, fantastical world, so unlike the one he knew, Karus has been given a number of tasks by his god Jupiter, known in this world as the High Father. Karus’ holy mission and mandate: retrieve a dread artifact and form an alliance with the peoples of this world so together they can withstand the might of the enemy and finally escape Tannis before it is too late. If he succeeds, the reward is everything Romulus and Remus were promised. If he fails, all will be lost and the Ninth destroyed.

Infinity Control:
Born of Ash Book 2

The highly anticipated sequel to the Born of Ash series is finally here.

The war is over. The First Galactic Empire has collapsed into ruin and ash. Or has it?

Keira, having been hunted and almost killed by the Unified Planetary Government’s regulators, for reasons she does not fully understand, finds herself rescued by Marines and stranded on the Imperial Starship Seringapatam.

Dispatched on a secret mission of the utmost importance, the Seri is a ship that has remained hidden since the last days of the war. More confusing, Keira has developed a strange power she cannot seem to control, let alone understand, the ability to interact with the machine in ways that are unexplainable.