Marc is an avid reader and accomplished author that spends his days – and nights – dreaming and writing about all things fantasy and sci-fi. In 2015 he decided to make his dream a reality and self-published his first fantasy novel... the rest is history!

Marc has a Bachelor's Degree in Science and obtained a Masters in Education as a Reading and Writing Specialist along with a Masters in Administration. After several years of moonlighting as a writer, he applied his experience as a business leader in the healthcare industry to his writing career to become a full-time author in 2018.

Marc has traveled the world, from Asia to Europe, even at one point crossing the border at Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin toward the end of the Cold War. He is the ultimate history fan and incorporates much of that passion into his work to bring greater realism to his books.

Marc devours several print and audiobooks a week, ranging from history to science fiction and fantasy. In 2021, he moved to a cabin in the mountains of North Carolina to gain further inspiration after raising his family in Eastern Pennsylvania, just miles from where Washington crossed the Delaware.

Marc Alan Edelheit MAE Novels Historically Accurate Fantasy at its Best

Marc Alan Edelheit MAE Novels Historically Accurate Fantasy at its Best

Forwaaaard, March!

"What a great story! Boy, are you in for a ride if you read this! For some context, I read MAE's (The author's initials) Chronicles of an Imperial Legionary Officer book 3, and am currently on book 4. I also have the Karus Saga in my TBR. If you haven't read the Chronicles, you can start with this series, as this series is the prequel series to the Chronicles series. But if you start with Chronicles, and start this series like I did, that's fine too. It won't ruin much at all, as MAE wrote the Chronicles series first."

Sean Bai

July 1, 2019 | Format: Kindle Edition