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I thought for my first post… I would touch on Stiger’s character a little and give some background to help my readers better understand the man. Ben Stiger: Stiger is a man who has been hardened by war, and the politics of the Mal’Zeelan Empire. He is a gifted fighter, a bastard of a man, master manipulator and a born leader of men. Though many of his peers would wish he had not, Stiger has
Stigers Tigers Book 1
The empire has endured many centuries but is now threatened by multiple wars and a major rebellion in the South. A nobleman from an infamous family, imperial legionary officer, fighter and a right proper bastard of a man… Captain Ben Stiger finds himself reassigned from a crack legion to the rebellion simmering in the South. Placed in command of a truly terrible company, the 85th Imperial Foot, he is unknowingly sent on a suicide mission