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Marc Alan Edelheit MAE Novels Historically Accurate Fantasy at its Best

Forging Destiny: Book 2

Forging Destiny: Book 2 (The Way of Legend)

The highly anticipated sequel to RECLAIMING HONOR is finally here.

Bestselling and award-winning author of STIGER’S TIGERS and the KARUS SAGA, Marc Alan Edelheit has teamed up again with national bestselling author Quincy J. Allen to deliver an epic fantasy adventure, told from the perspective of dwarves.

A Pariah amongst dwarves, Tovak bears the burden of his people’s disdain and his family’s disgrace. And yet, Tovak has proven himself in battle, shown his courage in risking life and limb to save his comrades. Though not everyone accepts him, he has finally found his place as a skirmisher and member of the Baelix Guard Company.

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