Marc Alan Edelheit MAE Novels Historically Accurate Fantasy at its Best

The First Compact: The Karus Saga (The Karus Saga: Book Book 3)

Bestselling, award-winning author of STIGERS TIGERS Marc Alan Edelheit delivers the third action-packed book in his fantasy epic, The Karus Saga. One of history’s greatest mysteries, the disappearance of ancient Rome’s Ninth Imperial Legion, is now revealed in this untold story.

Having been transported to the world of Tanis, separated from everything they know, the Ninth find themselves caught amidst an ancient war of the gods. Like a dark tide, the Horde is slowly conquering one nation after another, and a great migration of peoples has begun fleeing westward before the enemy’s advancing armies. No has been able to stand against the might of the Horde. But the Horde has never faced the power of a Roman legion.

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